Introducing the City Blueprint Series

One of the reasons why I started this site was because I wanted a medium where I could explain, as well as possible, my ideas on how to make New York City more livable. In this way, I wanted to create a site that would show work similar in spirit to Andrew Lynch’s work at Now, after setting all of this up, I’ll soon begin to lay out these ideas in the City Blueprint Series.

The City Blueprint Series will be an expansive series of posts detailing ideas, large and small, that I believe would make the city a better place to live. Some of these are variations on plans already out there, while others are completely new. They will all vary in terms of scope, with some concepts being massive in scale and others being as small as bike lane or pedestrianization projects, which also means that any and all politics that may come up will be ignored.

The first posts should appear within next week, and I look forward to presenting these ideas to you.


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